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SEO Tips To Get Started

SEO Tips To Get Started

Search Engine Optimization as we have previously discussed is essential for every website – that is, if you are trying to get a high rank in the SERP – Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search-result pages.  SEO is a part of the growth strategy of every website.

At its most, SEO is a means of increasing your site’s visibility for web visitor’s search results.  This also means more traffic to your site.  While an intensive SEO can involve complicated site restructuring with an SEO expert or consultant, there are some simple steps you can take to be able to increase your website ranking without the need for hiring an SEO expert.  It just requires a little effort from you and some assessment and rethinking on how to approach content on your site.

Monitor Where You Stand
You won’t know if your efforts unless you monitor your SEO standing.  There are some online resources that can help you on this.  MarektingVox, for example, can keep an eye on your page ranking with tools like Google toolbar and Alexa.  Another important thing you need to check regularly is your referrer log, so you will know where your visitors are coming from and the keywords they are using to find your site.

You must know the proper placement of your keywords.  Think about them as search terms as used by users in looking information regarding the topic they want to search for.  Essential spots to place your keywords:

  • Title
  • Page header
  • URLs
  • Description and meta tagsImage caption
  • Content (Beginning paragraph, middle, end)

Avoid overstuffing your site with keywords, lest the search engines will label you as a spammer.  This will make the search bots ignore your website. You must be strategic in your keywords location.

Link Back to Your Site

The most basic strategy for SEO is the integration of internal links into your sites is the easiest way to boost traffic into individual pages. When creating new content, make it a habit of linking back to your archives. Some SEO experts also advise that you create the anchor text search engine-friendly.

According to MarketingVox, the more relevant words are pointing to a page, the more that the page is likely to appear in search engine results when users search using that keyword. In all your SEP approaches, be sure that you are using appropriate links and avoid excessive linking if you don’t want your visitors annoyed and leave never to return.

Create a sitemap
By adding a site to your website, you are making it easier for spiders to crawl and search your site quickly. A sitemap is a list of pages linking all the other individual pages on your site. The fewer the clicks needed by the user to get to the page on your website, the better it would be for them.

SEARCH-friendly URLs
By naming your URLs with exact keywords, you are making them search-engine friendly. Therefore, it’s best that your URL contains the title of your content which likewise bears your keywords.

Avoid Flash
Flash can look good, but it can’t be used for your SEO. Frames, AJAX, and Flash all share the same trouble – you can’t link to a single page. Avoid using Frames and use AJAx and Flash sparingly for best SEO results as discussed in SEO consult. If you have an absolute need to have your main page as a splash page that is all Flash or one large image, then place text and navigation links below the fold.

Image descriptions

As we have pointed out before, spiders can’t recognize images without text or what they call ALT TEXT – which is why you need to provide texts associated with it as descriptive as possible.  You may start with your image name and add an “ALT” tag is valuable for your SEO.  Hence, don’t forget to include captions.

It’s a primary requirement that content needs to be informative, relevant, engaging, and fresh. Strictly following this rule gives you the benefit of an increasing traffic for your website. The best way of ensuring that your site continually gets new content is through integrating a blog. If you can get to blog regularly, that’s priceless!

According to the Search Engine Journal’s suggestion, doing an executive blog is an excellent way to reach out to your audience while creating more opportunities for internal and external links. Also, it is through this that you can add a more personal voice to your site.

As always, content needs to be fresh, informative, and relevant.  Update your content regularly as it is crucial in increasing traffic for your website.

Social Media Contribution
A critical SEO strategy, a CEO blog is just one element of social media distribution. You should be sending links to your fresh contents across appropriate social media channels. Whether posted, shared, retweeted or reshared by someone else, applying this strategy can multiply the number of platforms or places where visitors will be viewing your links.

Linking to others
There’s no better way to direct traffic to your site but by developing relationships with other websites. If you can personally approach the administrators of well-respected sites or sites in authority and ask them to include a link to your site, that will surely be to your advantage. However, don’t forget to return the favor, so everyone wins!

Just make sure though that the other end has an excellent reputation in the industry lest he will bring you down with him.

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